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Tarrant County College | South Campus | Early College High School

How do we increase college readiness for high school students? 

The Tarrant County College South / Fort Worth ISD Early College High School opened its doors in Fall of 2015 to students interested in attending a non-traditional high school with a Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) focus. Housed on Tarrant County College South Campus, this newly built facility included state of the art technology to enhance the education of all learners. In addition, the students have access to both high school and college resources through their attendance.


Perched on the edge of the campus, the site had limitations in layout and parking. Carving a small sliver of pavement adjacent to the building and utilizing cost effective re-striping allowed us to create a bus lane to allow for pick up and drop off without major alteration to the exiting parking lot. Additional striping modifications help optimize traffic flow into and out of the facility, allowing the school to accommodate future traffic as students matured to driving age. 

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