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Our Purpose


Cities will be the epicenters of innovation as our urban population grows.


Infrastructure will play a key part in this. Solutions that prioritize connectivity, efficiency, and sustainability will be crucial to ensuring well-being and fostering innovation. Due to the complexity and uniqueness of the challenges we face, intentional and genuine engagement is needed to fully understand the contextual challenges and identify key opportunities.

Carrillo is a full service civil engineering and development consultant firm. We believe that every project is unique. We utilize design as a framework to immerse ourselves totally, foster collaboration, and spark innovation in each and every project. Together with our clients' engagement, we can build a shared journey to a better world. A world where our cities and clients can deliver a better quality of life.



Get it done: Everything we do is based on successful project delivery. We live through action and commit to deliver a quality service in each and every project. 

Live through creativity: We approach design as a framework to foster innovative opportunity and engage the collective creative capital of our staff, partners, and clients. 

Transparency: Honesty and trust is a big deal for us. We foster an environment where information and thoughts can be shared. We aim to be intentionally genuine and open with our service. 

A shared journey: Not all problems are the same. Together with our clients, we immerse ourselves into each project to understand the specific challenges and find opportunities. We are here for the long run. 

Empower and impact: We recognize people solve problems and the challenges do not end with us. We engage and elevate our communities and our staff to foster generational impact and new leadership. Together we can create a better world. 

Our Shared Values

What we do best


Total project immersion: We take pride in understanding your organization and engaging in each project to the utmost detail to understand its constraints, opportunities, and possibilities. 

Core Services


Master Planning: We can help your organization understand the big picture and create deliverables to illustrate this. 

Facilities Feasibility Studies: We can help you understand the risk and feasibility costs for a new development project. 


Infrastructure feasibility studies: We can help you understand the risk and feasibility costs for a new infrastructure project. 

Civil Engineering: We can help you understand the possibilities of your built environment. 

Storm Water Management: We can help you design and manage storm water systems and navigate approval processes. 

Floodplain Management: We can help you maximize the potential on a site in and/or adjacent to a floodplain. 

Water Infrastructure: We can study, plan and design water distribution systems. 

Wastewater Systems: We can study, plan and design sanitary sewer, whether conventional or alternative systems . 

Pavement Rehabilitation: We can help you design and specify pavement replacement and maintenance. 


Franchised Utility Coordination: Effective and timely franchised utility coordination is key to a successful project.

Pedestrian Facility design: We can help optimize pedestrian safety and connectivity. 

Landscape Design: We can help naturally beautify parks, public space, and building sites. 

Permitting and Approvals: We can help navigate municipal prerequisites. 

Platting: We can help plat your site for future development. 


Procurement: We can manage your procurement process and help you get the best value on your project. 


Construction Administration: We can be your eyes and ears on the job site and ensure your project is built to expectation. 

Company Certifications


NCTRCA: Women Business Enterprise, Disadvantage Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise

State of Texas: Historically Underutilized Business

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